Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brought to You By the Letter H and the Number 10!!

The letter H

Ok so here is another game from Bre the fabulous...I like her games. She gave me the letter H. Comment that you want a letter and I will give you one. Then list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.

(too bad that Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with C)

1. Handsome Fireguys (Like you didn't think I would figure out how to put him on my list) :)

2. House Cats - Again like my kitties wouldn't make the list somehow

3. Holidays (vacations, National ones, days off...what ever YIPPEE!!)

4. Hardcover books - Ok, again I'm being's fun this way Paperbacks are good too...Books are good. My Mother never thought she would hear this when I was a kid. Check out my Library Thing on the sidebar. :)

5. Home Team - Because it's root root root for the home team if they don't win it's a shame. *Note* this doesn't have to be baseball...home team football, arena football, hockey, what ever will do just fine (Go Rays, Go Bolts, Go Bucs, Go Bulls, Go Strom)

6. Halloween - I know it's a holiday but this is my favorite one AND it starts with H!!

7. House - specifically MY house. I love my house!! And now there are new couches on their way to MY house. :) Yippee

8. Humming Birds - I think they are cute!! I want a pretty glass feeder to go on my porch of my house.

9. Helicopters - They are COOL!! I would like to ride in one someday!!

10. Hoodie sweatshirts, Heffelumps, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers w/ cheese...

That was entertainment enough for me today....


Bre said...

I knew you'd get fireguy in there! :)

Alysoun said...

Send me a letter!!!!!!


magnetbabe said...

Fun fun! I want one!