Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You watch TV HOW?!?!


Ok...so a couple of times in the past people have asked me what I mean by downloading my TV shows. "You mean you watch them from the web site for the network?"....No I mean I download them and watch them off line at my leisure. :)

Well wonderful wonderful LifeHacker has posted twice in the last couple days about how I do this.

(If you already know about BitTorrents you don't have to keep going...)

lifehacker.com - a beginners guide to BitTorrent

lifehacker.com - an intermediate guide to BitTorrent

Enjoy and I hope it helps.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hi my name is RunnerGirlFL and...


I’m a bookaholic

No really!! I think I have a problem.

you: Ya THINK?!?! Only ONE?!?!
me: Yeah yeah whatever

I love my LibraryThing (see the books on my sidebar) and I have neglected it some lately so I decided to make sure it was updated. Well…I hadn’t neglected it as much as I thought. Most of my “last batch” was in there. I just hadn’t stamped them with my “From the Library of J. Kalajian” stamp yet. That means I added them when I was at work one day.

So as I added the newest and a few from that last batch and stamped them all and got the rest of the books in my bedroom in the list that just hadn’t been added I looked through my collection. Now well over 100 strong, and those are just the ones I have entered!! There are many that I haven’t even started with still on the main bookshelves in the extra room.

What did I notice as I entered these books? Well that I have a problem!! There are several (Like 1..2..Many) that I have not read and yet I buy more. And then didn’t read all of them and bought still more!!

What is wrong with me?!?!

So…I need your help dear readers…I’m going to keep reading the ones I have and not buy more (or too many more) till I have finished these. SO…if you see me…ask me what I’m reading now, or what I’m reading next.

I’m tempted to make a huge unruly pile in my bedroom that I have to read before I can put them away. The mess alone ought to make me insane…or give me an excuse to make a bigger mess…(Let’s hope it’s the first?...I think)

What is your trick for reading what you already own?

Well I better go read something. Check out the LibraryThing and post if you have one so I can see what we like in common. I’ll dig my way out from under these books eventually but in the mean time if you see new books added they are probably just not in the LibraryThing yet since I’m still updating. (Mostly School Texts and Gaming books aren’t in yet…And may or may not get added.)

P.S. Don't worry I pre-ordered the Harry Potter so I still get that...It's already a done deal.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Wow I could write for Disney


I stole this from MB

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Sorry if I'm not scandalous enough for y'all. ;)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sometimes they do the right things for the right reasons...


I know I haven't posted much lately but this I felt was very important to share. I love OutBack Steak House and I have always thought it was really cool that they started here in Tampa. For the most part they seem to be a good company and do a lot for the community. Here is where they did even more.

My friend Cherish is serving a year in Iraq as a firefighter. The bases over there don't use our military for firefighting duties. They hire firefighters from back here for "tours" over there. She and some of the others also volunteer at the "Hospital/Clinic" what ever it is that the wounded come back to. This was part of what she posted to her blog the other day:

Lets start with my steak dinner. I had the best meal I have ever had in my life last Sunday. Outback steak house did a tour through the middle east stopping at a few bases in Kuwait, Afgan, and Iraq. We were lucky enough to be one of those bases. We were so excited the week before, like kids waiting to go to Disney. That Sunday was supposed to be a down day for us, but we were busy until 2:30pm and then found out at 2:45 that we had to sit stand by for outback at 3pm. We all though “great, just great.” This meant that we had to sit next to the grill at make sure nothing caught on fire. 5 hours in the sun, next to the grill…..
It didn’t end up being as bad as we had expected. The Outback guys were really cool. They brought along a few cute chicks to serve desert and stuff, the guys (and soldiers) really liked that. The Outback reps told us that Out back has done this before for the soldiers, and everyone helping over here. They don’t advertise it all at because it is not intended to be a promotion. They footed the bill for everything. Yeah Out back. They practically set up their whole menu here. The brought everything, even their own oil for the bloomin onions. It was absolutely the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. There were a few perks for having to stand by at the grill. We helped cook some of the steaks, so in turn we got to cook our own…. To perfection. One of the reps is the owner of Carrabas in Tallahassee so I will be paying that restaurant a visit next time I am up there. The crews worked for two weeks straight busting their tales to bring us as much of home as possible. We gave them some of our shirts and patches.

I had not heard about this at all here in Tampa!! Sometimes they really do the right things for the right reasons. Yea OutBack!! I think I'll go buy a steak!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

8 Radom Things...


MagnetBabe is playing my letter game so I am going to play her 8 random facts game. I agree with her that it is hard to pick 8 things that are not already in my 100 things list….which as you know I cheated on anyway.

Eight random facts:

1.) I have a 55 gallon fish tank with 3 fish in it. 1 stripy banjo catfish, 1 neon, and 1 white angelfish. They have lots of swimming room. I have tried to buy other fish…they die. I don’t know why. These three have lived in there a long time.

2.) I seem to startle easily. But I (almost) always think it’s funny so it’s ok. As long as it’s not done to be mean. I tried to go shooting with some friends years ago. I thought I would like it. I’m noisy myself. I jumped every time a gun went off. IT’S A SHOOTING RANGE…LOTS OF GUNS GO OFF. I did get tired of that pretty quickly.

3.) I LOVE seafood!! I like crab, fish, shrimp, lobster, all of it. Not sooooo much for the raw stuff. Salmon with a blackberry sauce is my signature dish. It has 4 ingredients and takes 15-ish minutes to make. YUM!! (Everyone has LOVED it so far)

4.) I have mixed feelings on meeting my blogger friends. I have thought it would be cool to be your real friends. Then I’m like but it’s nice that these people and I can be complete strangers and still be friends. Does something change if you meet your penpal? I never had one. I do have “regular” friends that read and it’s kinda weird because then you talk about it twice…sorta.

5.) I see the question sometimes on blogs and memes “where do you see yourself in 10 years” and this makes me think sometimes. I have NO idea!! I didn’t have any Idea 10 years ago so I cannot imagine what 10 more would do. I knew where I was 10 years ago wasn’t permanent I knew the relationship wasn’t I knew the job wasn’t. I know 10 years ago I wasn’t very happy. I knew I wanted lots of things…they aren’t any of the things I have now. However I wouldn’t give up any of them. I wouldn’t give up FireGuy, my house, my kittens, my friends that I have made since then. I really now have a home in Tampa and I wouldn’t change that. 10 years ago I hadn’t been here very long and didn’t know if I was staying. But who knows maybe in 10 years I will live somewhere else and love it or maybe I will still be here loving it.

6.) The only think I hate about teaching is giving tests!! I have to sit still and be quiet. I am not very good at either activity. I either take a book to read or I take my lap top in and surf the net or blog or IM with friends while the students pull their hair out. Hehehe

7.) I want to be a paleontologist. If I won the lottery I would go back and get a degree in that from somewhere...I don't want to dig in Alaska or anything I just want to think about Dinosaurs all day long.

8.) I can’t go to bed if it’s noisy. Not because I can’t sleep through noise but because I am the biggest 4 year old on the planet and I can’t sleep for fear I am missing something. Remember when you were little your parents put you to bed and were really quiet in the other room till you were asleep. THEN they and their friends could have more fun. Yeah…that’s me. Good thing I can out last people most of the time. (Just try to keep up at a theme park!!)

Ok that’s 8. And it must make up for the sorta cheating ones in the 100 list. So I’m supposed to tag 8 people. If you have a blog and you haven’t done this and you have read it…then tag you are it. (If ya want to)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brought to You By the Letter H and the Number 10!!


The letter H

Ok so here is another game from Bre the fabulous...I like her games. She gave me the letter H. Comment that you want a letter and I will give you one. Then list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.

(too bad that Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with C)

1. Handsome Fireguys (Like you didn't think I would figure out how to put him on my list) :)

2. House Cats - Again like my kitties wouldn't make the list somehow

3. Holidays (vacations, National ones, days off...what ever YIPPEE!!)

4. Hardcover books - Ok, again I'm being creative...it's fun this way Paperbacks are good too...Books are good. My Mother never thought she would hear this when I was a kid. Check out my Library Thing on the sidebar. :)

5. Home Team - Because it's root root root for the home team if they don't win it's a shame. *Note* this doesn't have to be baseball...home team football, arena football, hockey, what ever will do just fine (Go Rays, Go Bolts, Go Bucs, Go Bulls, Go Strom)

6. Halloween - I know it's a holiday but this is my favorite one AND it starts with H!!

7. House - specifically MY house. I love my house!! And now there are new couches on their way to MY house. :) Yippee

8. Humming Birds - I think they are cute!! I want a pretty glass feeder to go on my porch of my house.

9. Helicopters - They are COOL!! I would like to ride in one someday!!

10. Hoodie sweatshirts, Heffelumps, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers w/ cheese...

That was entertainment enough for me today....

Monday, May 07, 2007

How ‘bout this weather!!


I hope those of you up North are finally having some nice weather. The Fabulous Bre seems to be doing well enough with highs in the 70’s. The lows are a little low for me.

And JustRun in CO seems to be a bit chilly!! But not too bad…It doesn’t look like she needs her winter coat to run and her built in snot catchers.

However, MagnetBabe, E.B. and I are having Phenomenal weather today. And I’m sure we are all stuck in the same boat….that being stuck inside!!


I was outside this weekend. I went garage sale shopping with a friend. Found a few things too. One of those fireplace sets with the little brush and shovel and poker an stand and all for $15, and some wooden bowls ($.25 ea.) Then SCA stuff yesterday outside too. However it was a little warm. Now nothing like it’s going to be in a month but a little warm. I wouldn’t comment on yesterdays warmness except that yesterday evening it rained and cooled off just a little bit, so today is FANTASTIC!!! And now I’m inside!!


Someone should be outside playing baseball in this weather!! It should be me!!

Actually FireGuy wanted to go out tonight and picked a little place here in town called the Front Porch. Which is what they have, a BIG front porch. It should be a perfect evening to sit outside on said porch. Good choice FireGuy (The food is great too – Little local place with really good food if you come to TPA you should try it)

Then it will be home to watch Heroes!! (Save the cheerleader!! Save the world!!)